Friday, October 14, 2011

Paleo Challenge

Kitsap CrossFit has launched another Paleo Challenge. This one started on Monday (10/10/11) and will go for 45 days (Yes, folks, through Halloween!), ending right before Thanksgiving. Since I'm already Paleo and have been for some time, people might not understand why I'm back in for another challenge? Because there is always room for improvement!

My goals for this challenge are to 1) cut out alcohol. 2) cut out paleo sweets and 3) increase my veggies while decreasing my fruit.

Before Paleo, I rarely, if ever, drank any alcohol. I mean none. Not a single drop. It was something that just never appealed to me. I never wanted to be drunk (I mean really, who wants to potentially lose control of their surroundings, their body, their decision making?), alcohol is expensive, and I didn't think that it tasted all that great... but when I first went paleo, I really wanted something with "taste" to drink with my dinner. I had coffee in the morning, water was fine through the day, and then I discovered that wine really tastes good with my dinner meal! So just about every night, I'd have a glass of wine with dinner. It tastes so good with a big old steak! So much so that this became habit and, well, it shouldn't be a nightly ritual.

Not every night but a lot of the time, my husband and I will partake in a post dinner paleo dessert. While paleo desserts are much better for you than the SAD (Standard American Diet) desserts, they still pack a punch with sweeteners and calories. Folks, no matter how you package it, a dessert is still a dessert. I was indulging in them a little too frequently.

I eat a lot of veggies every day but not nearly enough. I'm not sure why? Probably because fruit is just easier and tastes better (SWEET!). This is an area that I just need to work on. I think we all need to work on eating our veggies. I also find that when I'm at home (which is a lot because I work from home), I tend to "snack" through lunch (piece of fruit, slices of ham, nuts). I guess it is because I'm just here by myself and don't take the time to fix a proper lunch for just me. I'm focusing on eating a full plate of food for lunch during these next 45 days.

Over the next 45 days, I'd love to drop at least 5 lbs, feel great, and improve on WODs. Five pounds is a lot! Maybe if I lost it, my pull-ups and hand stand push-ups will improve?

My lunch yesterday!

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  1. That looks like a yummy lunch! I don't like eating veggies either, unless they are roasted steamed or fried and maybe they have pastured butter on them too!